Privacy policy


The Company's privacy policy sets out the ways TowerPoint Services Group & daunc & co processes personal data. This privacy policy relates to personal data collected by TowerPoint Group and it's Clients that use it's databases. Any personal data collected is used in accordance with data protection legislation.

UK Data Protection Act 1998

TowerPoint complies with the UK Data Protection Act, 1998 and at all times use best endeavours to comply with the terms of the Act in all our dealings with your personal data.  TowerPoint holds your personal data in accordance with the security provisions of the Data Protection legislation.

Personal Information

By providing your personal information to TowerPoint you consent to the purpose outlined at the time of collection. Personal data will be collected for any of the following reasons: direct contact made from TowerPoint, marketing, advertising and promoting products and services (unless the use has selected to opt-out of receiving newsletters) and statistical collection. Your personal details will not be made available to third parties.

Verifying, Updating and Amending Personal Information

For any amendments to personal details and contact information, please email to request the changes. We aim to make these changes within 30 days of receipt of the request.

Third Party Links and Websites

out2ou is not responsible for the privacy policy of third party websites that are linked to from the TowerPoint website and anyone is advised to seek this information from those sites independently from TowerPoint. This privacy policy does not apply to personal data provided to TowerPoint by any other means or via any other website. Users should be aware that if they provide personal data to other companies, the privacy polices of those companies determine the uses to which that information is put and TowerPoint's privacy policy will no longer apply.  TowerPoint is also not responsible for sites that link to TowerPoint or those that direct traffic.


The site is protected against unauthorised access using the latest security devices and firewalls.

Notification of Changes

TowerPoint has the right to make amendments to their privacy policy. Users have the right to request their personal data that is stored about them and request that TowerPoint make any necessary changes should their contact information be inaccurate.

Linking To TowerPoint

You do not need our permission to link to TowerPoint and we do not object to you linking directly to any page on the site. However, you must set such links to open in the entire browser window, preferably as a new window, and not within frames contained in your own site. If you would like to arrange for a mutual link to be set up from our site to yours, please email us at

Further Information

Use the Contact details if you have a question or need further information about TowerPoint data protection obligations or email